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New Listing, Hornets Nest Point, is a Bald Eagle's Vantage Point to Watch Ice-Out on Winnipesaukee.

Bald Eagle's Preferred Vantage Point is a New Winnipesaukee Real Estate Listing

Bald Eagle at 102 Veasey Shore Road Watches Ice-Out

Bald Eagle Captures the Best Spot on Winnipesaukee to Watch Ice-Out 2012

The bald eagle in the photograph has a remarkable eye for real estate, having picked Hornet's Nest Point as his favored vantage point on the day before March 23, 2012, the earliest ice-out on Lake Winnipesaukee. The open branched, high trees and the proximity to water on both sides of the point quite clearly were irresistible to this bald eagle.  He spent the morning, after his fishing expedition, watching the ice leave the enormous expanse of Winnipesaukee by this 102 Veasey Shore estate property.

A Bald Eagle's Vantage Point for Watching Winnipesaukee Ice-Out.

Bald Eagle at 102 Veasey Shore Road Watches Ice-Out

Winnipesaukee Surrounds Three Sides of Hornet's Nest Point

These late March days of historic interest couldn't have been seen from a more dramatic setting.  The peninsula at Hornet's Nest Point is distinctive;  there is vast open water on one side of the point.  The other side of the point has a protected, sugar sand bottom cove.  You don't need an eagle's eyesite to spot any fish that might be swimming in the crystal clear sandy water. Once the warmer days are back for the season, you can sit on the sandy beach and enjoy the breeze from Winnipesaukee surrounding you on three sides.  As the long southerly lake view stretches in front of you, ice-out, historic or not, will be just a distant memory.

Bald Eagle at 102 Veasey Shore Road Watches Ice-Out

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