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This stunning beach is in the quiet bay of 258 Long Point Road Moultonborough, a property I sold January 14, 2016 after only 35 days on the market.

Fun Facts about Moultonborough:

In 1777, Moultonborough, NH was the last town in the Lakes Region to receive township as it had extensive rocky waterfront on Lake Winnipesaukee, not considered good farming land. Ironically, Moultonborough is now popular for the very same reason - extensive waterfront, both owned and shared, primarily on Lake Winnipesaukee. Moultonborough also has waterfront on Squam Lake, and smaller water bodies such as Lake Kanasatka, Lees Pond, and Wakondah Pond. Moultonborough has the lowest tax rate on Winnipesaukee. 2015's Moultonborough tax rate what $9.01. Characterized by many level land parcels with gentle access to the lake, large, protected bays, and many waterfront parcels with desirable southern, eastern or western exposure, Moultonborough has much of what most buyers want. No wonder Moultonborough is one of the most sought-after towns on Winnipesaukee. Moultonborough also has total waterfront of 70 miles, far more waterfront than any other Winnipesaukee shored town. It is next to two of the quaintest towns on Lake Winnipesaukee. Center Harbor and Tuftonboro remain relatively untouched by commercial development. Antique homes in Moultonborough and surrounding towns also reflect the days of yesteryear.  

Moultonborough Waterfront Sales Snapshot 2015 and First Quarter 2016 

We were happy to see that 2015 had near record sales  for residential owned waterfront home sales over $1,000,000 in all Winnipesaukee shored towns including Moultonborough.  (There were 63 sales of residential owned waterfront homes over $1,000,0000 in all Winnipesaukee shore towns in 2015 as compared to 2004 with 64 sales in this price range.)*

Our firm, in the tradition of Lakes Region Realty Group, which was bought by BHHS Verani Realty roughly 2 years ago, was #1 in total sales volume for Moultonborough waterfront home sales in 2015.  Below are 2015 and 2016 statistics you might find useful.

Moultonborough waterfront and water access Sales in 2015
In 2015, in Moultonborough alone, there were 38 closed sales of owned Winnipesaukee waterfront residential properties. (not including condos).

There were 38 closed sales of Winnipesaukee waterfront residential properties with shared water access.

There were 3 sales of owned waterfront residential properties on other lakes in Moultonborough in 2015, including one on Squam Lake.

The owned waterfront and shared water access waterfront market in Moultonborough have remained very strong through the first quarter of 2016.

From 01/01/2016 to 04/04/2016
there have been 9 closed sales in the owned Winnipesaukee waterfront residential category. 

The median selling price was $730,000.
The average selling price was $756,778.  
The high selling price was $1,050,000.  
The low selling price was $500,000.
The average number of days on market was 180.*
(Days on market are reset to zero if a property is off the market for 30 days or more or is re-listed with another real estate office).

By comparison, from 01/01/2015 to 04/04/2015
there were only 3 sales in the the owned Winnipesaukee waterfront residential category.

The median selling price was $765,000.
The average selling price was $761,000.
The high selling price was$2,250,000.
The low selling price was $297,000.
The average number of days on market was 297.*

In 2014, for this same time period, 01/01/ through 04/04,
there were 6 sales of owned Winnipesaukeewaterfront residential homes in Moultonborough.

The median selling price was $1,306,250.
The average selling price was $1,308,528.
The high selling price was $2,250,000.
The low selling price was $490,000.
The average number of days on market was 208.*

There are currently 39 waterfront homes with owned waterfront on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Some of the distinctive properties that sold in Moultonborough in 2015 include 72 Shorewood Drive.  It was built by Lakeside Builders and located in Blackey Cove.  The large sandy beach and permanent U-shaped dock on the shoreline are lovely, and the neighboring 2 large parcels of approximately 17 acres sold with the house. Both large parcels have Audubon Society easements and restrictions. 

I have more information and statistics on Moultonborough sales available, so please call or email me with any questions.

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* statistics drawn form Northern New England Real Estate Network Multiple listing System for the towns and time periods named.)

Moultonborough NH Amenities & Moultonborough NH Town Information 

Though not accessible by boat, Moultonborough has popular restaurants, such as the Lemon Grass Restaurant, located behind our office at 60 Whittier Highway. 

The Moultonborough Chamber of Commerce provides information on local businesses. The Moultonborough Town Hall, has valuable information on Building Permits and land use in Moultonborough. The Moultonborough Town Hall is located near the Old Country Store by the intersection of Old Route 109 and Route 25.

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This 5 bedroom home at 7 Sunset Lane with a lush lawn, sandy beach, sunsets and all day sun is another example of the desirability of Moultonborough Winnipesaukee waterfront.