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Province Lake Towns

Province Lake in New Hampshire

Province Lake is a 968-acre water body located on the border between New Hampshire and Maine. The maximum depth ranges from 15 to 17 feet, so it is not a deep lake in comparison to the rest of the Lakes Region. Province Lake is home to warmwater fish, such as smallmouth and largemouth bass, chain pickerel, and horned pout. The lake is very clean and does not have any milfoil or other exotic species. The towns surrounding the lake are South Parsonsfield, Maine, and Wakefield and Effingham, New Hampshire. Check out the links below to browse Province Lake real estate or scroll down to read about the surrounding towns. 

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Province Lake Towns

  • Effingham: Effingham is to the north of Province Lake. The town has the Pine River State Forest, Heath Pond Bog Natural Area, and three mountain peaks called Hanson Top, Welch Top, and Davis Top. All of the natural attractions are stunning, but Heath Pond Bog Natural Area is particularly interesting. It was named a National Natural Landmark in 1977. The bog has vibrant colors for three seasons of the year and is home to multiple species of rare orchids and carnivorous plants. The town itself is a small community of just under 1500 people. Vacation home owners and families bring energy to beautiful lakes in the summers. 
  • Wakefield: Wakefield is located to the south of Province Lake. The town is small but mighty with a population lingering around 5,000 residents. There’s shopping around, particularly antique shops, and delicious dining spots in the area.

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