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Lake Pemigewasset Towns

Pemigewasset Lake in New HampshirePemigewasset Lake is a 249-acre water body that falls between the towns of New Hampton and Meredith, New Hampshire. It’s a great place to relax in the sun. The western portion of the lake has a large island that is known for its wild blueberries. It’s officially called Kelley Island, but locals know it as Blueberry Island. The island can be accessed by canoe or kayak. Check out the links below to browse Lake Wicwas real estate or scroll down to read about the surrounding towns. 

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Towns on Lake Pemigewasset

  • New Hampton: New Hampton is on a small area of the northwestern portion of Lake Pemigewasset. The town is virtually in the geographic center of the State of New Hampshire. New Hampton is a small town on Lake  Pemigewasset that can provide plenty of outdoor activities because of the lake and mountains nearby.
  • Meredith: Meredith is on the eastern side of Pemigewasset Lake. It’s a larger town with plenty to do, like explore Leavitt Park and Beach and the local winery. Meredith is community oriented as well and hosts fun events like mother/son game nights and craft fairs.

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