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The Sought After Sand Beach and the Effects of Depositing Sand in Winnipesaukee.

One of Lake Winnipesaukee's Privately Owned Beaches

The Beach at Hornet's Nest Point - A Home Owner's Dream Beach!

A sand beach is often one of the first prerequisites that a person mentions when they are describing their dream home or describing a vacation destination near water.  Whether it is purely the easy access to the lake, memories of beaches from childhood, or the visual aesthetic of a beach that beckons, a beach is almost always on everyone's list.

Being a glacial lake, rocky Winnipesaukee shoreline is more common than shorefront with sand beaches. The current balance of beaches, rocky shoreline and wetlands is sufficient to keep Lake Winnipesaukee healthy for wildlife to live and people to enjoy. While natural beaches are sought after, depositing sand  into Lake Winnipesaukee to create a beach  is illegal.  To many, depositing sand into Winnipesaukee  seems innocent enough, but it can cause infinite damage to the lake.

128 Veasey Winnipesaukee beach and 100 ft. permanent dock

The Beach at Hornet's Nest Point - A Home Owner's Dream Beach!

Natural Beaches Such as the Ones Pictured Here are the Most Sought After Beaches.  Only Perched Beaches Can be Legally Created on Winnipesaukee


The biological damages of depositing sand into Winnipesaukee are among the most disturbing. It can smother bottom dwelling algae and invertebrates and disrupt the food chain by eliminating food necessary for fish to survive. Deposited sand can also destroy nesting and spawning sites for fish.

If clay is present in the deposited sand, chemical impacts can include decreased water clarity and other problems. The filling-in effects that all dumped sand creates could destroy the health and the beauty of the lake forever.  Being vigilant in how we treat Winnipesaukee will protect the lake for future generations.  If you are interested in looking for a home on Winnipesaukee ask me about Winnipesaukee homes with sand beaches, Big Squam Lake waterfront, or Winnisquam homes.

When a Sand Beach is not Naturally Occurring at a Winnipesaukee Waterfront Property, Perched Beaches may be Applied for Through the State of NH DES Wetlands Bureau.

A perched beach is constructed to prevent sand from filtering into the lake. If you have questions about perched beaches you can call the Wetlands Bureau at (603) 271-2147 for answers.  You can also view the NH DES Fact Sheet "Beach Construction - Water Quality Impacts of Dumping Sand".  For minimal impact rules, regarding activities such as replenishing sand beaches short of the high water mark, see the rules on the DES website.  Rule env-WT 303.04 (aa) relates to replenishing existing beaches.   The NH DES Wetlands rules can be found at

Conservation Land and Town Beaches on Winnipesaukee and Squam Lake Offer Beaches.

Winnipesaukee Aerial View Near Hornet's Nest Point

The Beach at Hornet's Nest Point - A Home Owner's Dream Beach!

Hotels on the lake, beach bars, town beaches, and conservation land on Winnipesaukee all offer beaches for guests, residents, and visitors to enjoy, without illegal dumping of sand to create more beaches. The ecological balance of Lake Winnipesaukee deserves our reverence.

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