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Wishing you Bright New Paths and Continued Treasured Memories in the Wake of the Solar Eclipse.

From One of the Best Places to Live in New Hampshire and the U.S. 

Yesterday, on the day of total solar eclipse in history, we were reminded that we are part of something much larger than ourselves. The eclipse passed through many large cities and is considered the most watched solar eclipse in history. It was a powerful day to reflect and appreciate the people in your community. It was a powerful day to reflect on beginnings, changes, and where you have traveled. While Meredith, New Hampshire is becoming one of the more desirable lakeside resort towns in the U.S., those of us who have been in Meredith, or the surrounding Belknap County, for many years, love it, not only for recent exciting changes, but for the many ways that it hasn't changed.

Meredith has many quaint shops and spas on Lake Winnipesaukee, such as Lady of the Lake, Innis Free BookShop, and the Inns at Mills Fall and Church Landing. Lake and mountain views from many of the Inns guest rooms bring travelers to our Lakes Region year round.  Having 72 square miles of often awe-inspiring waterfront, Winnipesaukee is not like any other lake.  The beauty of the light reflecting off the breadth of the lake inspired the native Americans who lived here to name it "Winnipesaukee"...meaning  "The Smile of the Great Spirit." The NH DES and Non profit organizations such as NH Lakes and the Lake Winnipesaukee Association work to educate the public on lake-friendly practices to keep our lakes healthy. Festive holiday charity events at Church Landing sparkle with friendly smiles and the good will of friends and acquaintances. With the magnificent nature surrounding us, we are thrilled to live here. The abundant beauty we enjoy brings the best part of us forward.  Frequently after I've sold a property on Lake Winnipesaukee, the buyer will tell me that they left their job to do a consulting version of the job or to take on a less stressful and time-consuming job.  The life experience of the Lakes Region is truly transformative. 

As residents we feel that local businesses often seem like extensions of our family. Often being small and owner managed, the businesses around Lake Winnipesaukee are run with sensitivity to the nuances of life in the town.  Whether you are at the Meredith Library or a cafe on Main Street, many of the people you meet can't engage with you without instinctively trying to make your day better.

Some of the Inter-Lakes teachers at the schools teaching our children today were our teachers when we were school age. If we see them on the street they still remember our names and we remember some our most inspiring moments with them. The warmth and joy that they took in our learning is something that our own children have been able to experience in the Inter-Lakes School system. Some of our local residents who volunteered to choreograph the high school musicals decades ago still work with grade school children on story projects. We are intertwined in the best sense of the word in our small, but beautiful and big-hearted community.  I'm especially thankful this week to live in our community.  As move beyond the day of the historic total solar eclipse, I wish everyone a joyous new chapter in their lives.

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